He’s the Christ. The King who God himself had promised to send, who would put everything right by setting up a kingdom of justice and love.

He’s also the Son of God. God himself, entering the world as a human being.

Jesus proved who he was by what he did. He healed people. He calmed storms. He raised the dead.

By doing these things, the King was giving a glimpse of life in his kingdom. A perfect place, with no suffering, fear or death. It’s the world we all want.


St. Augustine's Anglican Church Inverell exists to grow in Christ. Our slogan is therefore:

"Growing in Christ..."

All parish activities revolve around this mission. We desire to grow in number and in our faith in Jesus Christ. It is our hope and prayer that we will become more like Jesus as a church and as individuals. We seek to share the good news of Jesus with others through words and Christ-like action.

As part of the Church family, we all 'chip in' to help with the running of the church. Members of the congregation help with morning tea, cleaning and Sunday School teaching, creche, music, Bible reading, leading prayers, welcoming, visiting, lawn mowing, witnessing, lay preaching and many other tasks.

our vision

  • To grow individually in Christ

  • To build the body of Christ

  • To reach our community for Christ


We aim to be a church that...

  • is committed to Biblical teaching. The Bible is God's Word and our authority in all matters of faith and practice. We seek to express Biblical truth in a away that is relevant and that will lead us to grow in godliness and honour Jesus as our Saviour and Lord.

  • is committed to prayer. Prayer is an expression of our dependence on an relationship with God.

  • pursues spiritual growth. God calls us to grow in our love for Jesus as we follow Him.

  • is focused on loving people. Every person is made in God's image and is therefore precious to him. God calls His people to love others by pointing them to Jesus in word and deed.

  • has Godly leadership. Following he example of Jesus, our leaders seek to spiritually equip, feed and guide those in their care - through teaching, training, nurturing, and example.