Congratulations on your engagement! We are very excited that you are interested in allowing us to be part of your special day. We hope that the following information will help you to decide whether a wedding at St. Augustine’s is a good fit for you. Just click on the links below to learn about a wedding at St. Augustine’s.  If you decide to go ahead with an application, please fill out the online application form.

*Please note that the $50 deposit secures the date you choose, so it is advisable to pay it as soon as possible.

What is a Church Wedding?

There are four expressions of your marriage:

  • Legal
  • Ceremonial
  • Relational
  • Christian

The Legal Expression

The Federal Government has certain requirements for couples intending to marry:

1) The wedding must be conducted by an authorised celebrant.

2) A Notice of Intended Marriage form must be completed and lodged no later than one month before the wedding, and no earlier than 18 months before the wedding date.

3) You are required to provide a Birth Certificate, and sign a Statutory Declaration regarding your marital status.

4) During the Marriage Service you will complete the legal documents when you sign the Church Register and Marriage Certificate.

The Ceremonial Expression

This is the public declaration of the marriage. The formality indicates the seriousness of your commitment.

The Relational Expression

This is of life long significance. Both the Church and the Government encourage people to learn about relationships before their marriage. Therefore,  the Church requires couples to attend Marriage Education conducted by the Anglican Counselling Service or equivalent. This preparation teaches communication skills and offers insights that will help you build and maintain your marriage.

The Christian Expression

This is the ultimate key to a happy marriage. God cares for the people he has made and ordained marriage in which couples will grow together and enjoy deepening support. Christian marriage is based on the love God has for his church through Jesus Christ. We will discuss Christianity during your interviews with the minister.

Before The Wedding Ceremony

The Minister

The minister who discusses your wedding details and the Christian model of marriage will most likely be the person who conducts the service. On rare occasions a situation may occur that prevents this. If so, you will be notified in time.

A Commemorative Order of Service

An attractive printed Order of Service will not only enable your guests to follow the sequence of events, it will provide a momento for you and your guests on your special day. If you are planning to print an Order of Service, please discuss this with the minister BEFORE printing. He will provide you with an outline of the official wedding ceremony.


The music in the wedding service is subject to approval by the minister and agreed upon with you, the organist and the minister. Some songs and music are more suitable to the reception than to church services. Arrangements with the organist need to be completed no later than two weeks before the wedding.

It is important to consider carefully the hymns or songs chosen for both community singing and the guests. Unless people attend church regularly they may not know the Christian hymns or songs.

Flowers and pew-end displays

The church has floral arrangements in already in place. If you would like extra flowers or pew end displays please discuss these during your meeting with the minister.


You are welcome to commemorate your wedding with photos &/or video. In order for you to get the most from your photographer/videographer, please discuss this with the minister.


The groom and his party should arrive at the church 20 minutes before the starting time in a sober condition. The bride and her attendants should arrive at the time the wedding is scheduled to begin.


Due to OH&S requirements confetti, rice, petals etc. may not be thrown on the church premises.


All weddings must take place either in the church building, or in the grounds of one of the parents of the couple.

What SHOULD YOU Do Next?

Arrange a meeting with the officiating minister.

You will need to meet several times with the minister. At these meetings you will complete the legal requirements, confirm details of the ceremony, examine the Wedding Service, register for Marriage Education and discuss the Christian aspect of Marriage. Remember the aim of these discussions is to help establish a relationship with God in your life which will enhance your marriage.

  • Confirm the wedding date and time
  • Discuss the date and time with all concerned and confirm reception place, photographer etc. to make sure all is arranged and verify all bookings.
  • Plan your wedding.
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Prospective Date you have in mind for the Wedding if you have one...